Crystal Automata by Preciosa: mechanical marvels at the Milan Design Week 2016

Crystal Automata by Preciosa: mechanical marvels at the Milan Design Week 2016

Czech lighting manufacturer Preciosa has created Crystal Automata, crystal installations inspired by mechanical movement and the fascinating craftsmanship behind glassmaking and clockworks, to be shown first during Milan Design Week 2016.

The exhibition will take place in the Tortona District, Via Tortona 31 and Crystal Automata has been created by Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, creative directors at Preciosa Lighting.

Visitors will have the chance to examine its complexity and appreciate perfection in motion as it won’t be hidden in a black box, but exposed to the eye similarly as mechanics in sophisticated wrist watches.

According to designers, Crystal Automata combines the fascination of Fire, Water, Air and Earth with the beguiling motion of automata, reinforcing both with the many facets of crystal.

“The origins of the understanding of the first automata and mechanics lead back to antiquity and Greece – where the Four Elements Theory also emerged for the first time. Alexander the Great’s conquest took this knowledge to Persia, where it was applied and preserved, before being exported once more to medieval Europe.


“In Crystal Automata, the mechanical technology is exposed to view – not hidden away in a black box, but open, as in some complex wristwatches, so that the viewer may witness motion in action, appreciate the complexity of the mechanics and wonder at their perfection,” they explain.

The nature of these mechanisms is cyclical – without beginning or end, they run in continuous movement for eternity. In Crystal Automata, the movement of light is set in motion, forever changing but never ceasing; it brings the concept of the chandelier and its unique sparkling properties, through the ages, and into our contemporary present.














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