Creating words from water technology unveiled at Big 5

Creating words from water technology unveiled at Big 5

The design team behind the Dubai Canal waterfall unveiled a unique “signage in water” display at the Big 5 construction event, underway this week.

Well Pumps, a Belgian company, showcased technology which allows water to be sprayed down from a series of perforations which can be regulated so that the droplets create words or designs.

The images last for a fraction of a second before dissolving under the force of gravity before the water hits the ground.

“It’s new technology and this is the first time it has been shown in the Middle East,” said Etienne Van Heuverswyn who is president of the company. “The designs are controlled from a lap-top and images can be programmed in . The software also allows for different languages, so as we are in Dubai we have been using Arabic.”

His colleague Basile Schynmakers added: “We have had a lot of interest in this display and it follows on from designing the waterfall along the canal which is well on its way to becoming a real Dubai landmark.”

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