Countdown to London Design Festival

Countdown to London Design Festival

Architect, David Chipperfield, International architect, John Pawson, London Design Festival, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Swarovski

Architect, John Pawson, has joined forces with Swarovski to produce a one-of-a-kind installation at St. Paul’s Cathedral as part of the London Design festival next month.

International architect, David Chipperfield, is designing a sculptural experiment in architectural SEFAR fabric, also as part of the event, which will stand outside the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank.

According to, Chipperfield’s piece, “Two Lines,” is part of the London Design Festival’s Size + Matter program, an ongoing series that matches notable architects with new and innovative building materials to explore their properties and test their potential.

With help from Arup, Chipperfield is putting together an array of panels manufactured by the SEFAR process: the sheets of semi-permeable metal mesh will be sandwiched between layers of glass, that looks like a house of mirrors.

Pawson’s installation explores the scientific preoccupations of St. Paul’s architect, Sir Christopher Wren. “Perspectives,” is a giant spherical crystal meniscus, or lens, sitting a atop a still larger metal dome.

The two sit on the floor of the Geometric Staircase; when visitors look down the very top from the tower (50 feet), they’ll see the entire interior of the shaft reflected back from below.

The Pawson installation will be open to the public starting September 19. Two Lines will be on view starting September 17.

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