Construction underway for Hadid’s Riyadh research centre

Construction underway for Hadid’s Riyadh research centre

Construction is well underway for Zaha Hadid’s King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research centre (KASPARC) project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Forming the headquarters of KASPARC, the modular structure houses an organic scheme where expansions to the building grow and multiply like cells without compromising its aesthetic integrity.

The building is composed of a network of 3D six-sided cells, based on the concept of connectivity, rising above the desert landscape and emerging as a cluster of crystalline forms which evolve in response to environmental conditions.

The exterior appears as a shell-like façade that conceals the interiors including sheltered courtyards that draw natural sunlight into the centre of the scheme, allowing a gradual temperature transition between outdoor and indoor.

The conference centre will house a large multipurpose hall and a variety of smaller halls and meeting rooms.

The scheme for the building is headed to achieve LEED platinum certification.

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