Concrete frame envelopes rural South Korean home

Concrete frame envelopes rural South Korean home

A huge concrete frame looms over the top of a new house in South Korea created by A.M Architects.

Mun Jeong Heon house built in the countryside near the town of Bongsan-myeon also features an assortment of freestanding walls and projecting canopies.

Beginning with a straightforward cube, the architects removed box sections to create voids in the building’s facades.

The rectangular frame that surrounds the front of the building casts dynamic shadows onto a narrow wooden patio that can be accessed from the study.

A freestanding concrete wall signals the main entrance to the house, which is accessed via a short flight of wooden steps.

From inside the entry hall a window directly opposite provides a view trees at the back of the property.

The house’s bedrooms, study and living room are arranged off a central corridor, which incorporates a skylight to introduce natural light into the space. The main living room at the west end of the corridor connects to the kitchen and dining area and to a large wooden deck that projects into the garden.

Low windows provide additional daylight and views of the gardens outside, while a tall window looks out towards a distant mountain that is framed by the large concrete rectangle

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