Concrete boxes create performing arts centre

Concrete boxes create performing arts centre

A performing arts centre in São Paulo by Brasil Arquitetura which features huge concrete boxes lifted off the ground has been named on the shortlist for the Designs of the Year awards.

The expansion of the existing Praça das Artes complex is set around a central plaza that extends to the streets bordering three sides of the site.

It accommodates various events spaces, facilities and infrastructure for the centre, which is home to several musical and dance organisations.

“The new buildings are mainly positioned along the boundaries of the site and, to a large degree, lifted off the ground,” said the architects.

“Thus, it was possible to create open spaces and generous circulation areas, resulting in the plaza which gives the project its name.”

The historic facades of a former musical conservatory and a cinema have been retained and integrated into the scheme.

“These historic buildings are physical and symbolic records, remains of the city of the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century,” the architects explained.

“Restored in all aspects and converted for new uses, they will sustain a life to be invented. Incorporated into the project, they became unconfined from neighbouring constructions and gained new meanings.”

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