Companies have 5 years to meet ‘green’ standards

Companies have 5 years to meet ‘green’ standards

The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) has given all firms a five year deadline to meet new air, water and noise pollution standards that are in line with international benchmarks.

The companies that do not comply after the five-year period will be facing a three-month suspension, a cash fine and cessation of the project, said Abdul Aziz Al Jasser, general manager of the PME.

He added that all projects, together with those currently under construction or in feasibility and design stages, have to comply with the rules.

The PME’s spokesperson, Hussein Al Qahtani said the new standards cover all aspects of the environment including water sources, the use of land, natural hazards, air quality, radioactivity and thermal pollution as well as incorporating public transport, monuments, and heritage and culture projects.

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