Coalesce designs installation at Robinsons Dubai

Coalesce designs installation at Robinsons Dubai

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Karachi-based design studio Coalesce has created a two-part design installation for the newly opened Robinsons store in Dubai Festival City.

Named “Flight of the Falcons”, the installation has been commissioned by Dubai-based Antidote art & design.

Coalesce’s latest design features flocks of birds,  made out of copper. According to the design team, headed by Salman Jawer, simple triangular forms symbolise the act of transformation and “a movement from the historical to the contemporary”.

“This installation is not only rooted in ideas of tradition and modernity but also pays homage to the golden falcon, the emblem of the UAE, signifying strength, speed and courage,” the design team explains.

In the centre of Robinsons store, suspended within the atrium and leading up the escalators, flocks of birds seems to move and undulate in upward flight and motion.

Coalesce curated the Abwaab Pavilion featuring Pakistan at the first Dubai Design Week in October 2015. During the latest edition of Design Days Dubai, the studio exhibited its latest furniture collection.

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The Singapore-based Robinsons recently opened its first flagship store at Dubai Festival City, featuring the green vertical garden walls designed by well-known French botanist Patrick Blanc.


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