Coalesce Design Studio returns to Dubai

Coalesce Design Studio returns to Dubai

Following their success in 2016, Pakistan design studio Coalesce will be returning to Design Days with a new collection of design products. Partnering with Antidote, a Dubai-based art and design platform, Coalesce will showcase several products including new versions of the iconic ‘Lattoo’ stools, tables in different materials, seating options and wall mirrors. Local crafts and culture is a consistent and integral part of Coalesce’s design as an attempt to revive dying crafts and showcasing its significance in a contemporary style.

Coalesce Design Studio was established in 2008 and consists of a multidisciplinary team of designers, brand strategists, planners, architects, graphic designers, artists and craftsmen.

At last year’s Design Days Dubai, Coalesce’s Lattoo Stools, crafted in a variety of finishes (wood, brass and metal) and based on the spinning top, received an overwhelming response and sold out on the first day.

“This year we will display a collection of mirrors, sofas, tables and new Lattoos with a new theme in which we explore structure in materials,” the studio’s founder Salman Jawed told Design Days Dubai.

This is Coalesce’s third year exhibiting at the fair. Commenting on how the creative scene in Dubai compares to the one in Pakistan, Jawed says: “Design Days Dubai has set a high benchmark and is now one of the biggest design fairs in the world. We have been fortunate to get a chance to be a part of it from the second edition and we have seen it grow throughout the years. It provides us with a platform to display our work as there are no opportunities in Pakistan to do so. Product design is still at an early stage in Pakistan and we have been trying to pave the way and showcase our work internationally which will open up more avenues and create more chances for others to follow as there is an abundance of design talent in our country.”

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Coalesce Design Studio is a multidisciplinary team of designers. Its projects range from architecture to interior design and encompass everything from retail to restaurants where the team works with brands and also create new ones.

“These projects are executed in small teams and at times individually depending on the nature and requirements of the project. At Design Days Dubai, the partners at Coalesce collaborate and work together on the collection after the idea has been formulated,” says Jawed.

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