Cloud formations inspire Iranian sports hall

Cloud formations inspire Iranian sports hall

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A cloud-like image has been created by a sports hall near the Iranian city of Bastam with corners which lift up from the ground.

The hall was designed by Tehran-based FEA Studio for the Noor-e Mobin Educational and Cultural Institute – a not-for-profit boys school.

Rather than sticking to the standard design used for buildings of this purpose, the architects drew inspiration from the surrounding scenery.

“In this site, there is a panoramic view of the clouds, mountains and plains,” said FEA Studio.

“The idea was to create a building that would be like part of a natural thing, not only as a building construction, and that will become part of the landscape itself – like a cloud.”

The building’s proportions are decided by the size of the basketball court inside.

An area along one edge of the facility contains a lobby, office, changing rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and storage spaces on the ground floor, with a table-tennis hall accommodated above.

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