Cityscape: UPC unveil upgraded street design tool

Cityscape: UPC unveil upgraded street design tool

The Urban Planning Council (UPC) has launched an upgraded online application that allows planners and engineer to design safer and more walkable streets.

Developed by the UPC, the software provides cross-section and overhead views of a variety of street scenes, allowing designers to set road and sidewalk elements and incorporate features such as parking, public transport, landscaping and utility corridors, all within the guidelines of the UPC’s frameworks and manuals.

The new and approved Abu Dhabi Urban Street and Utility Design tool was unveiled at Cityscape Abu Dhabi.

Senior executives from the UPC held live demonstrations of the tool, going through its expanded capabilities, before handing over to delegates to design their own streets.

The unveiling follows a nine-month redesign process in which the UPC consulted with a wide range of stakeholders.

The software incorporates more of the UPC’s manuals, including the Abu Dhabi Utility Corridors Design Manual (UCDM), the Abu Dhabi Public Realm Design Manual (PRDM) and the Estidama Pearl Rating System (PRS), into one tool to make urban street design quicker and more efficient.

Abdulla Al Sahi, executive director, planning and infrastructure sector, UPC, said: “The UPC is very proud of the new features and is delighted to introduce its capabilities here at Cityscape to so many planners, engineers, students and government agencies.

“We’ve been very happy with the reaction it has received so far and are looking forward to seeing it put into practice to have a real impact on the safetty and walkability of streets throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and further afield.”

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