Cityscape: Makers District targets creatives from around the world, says developer

Cityscape: Makers District targets creatives from around the world, says developer

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Creating the right environment for a work-life balance is the aim of developers Imkan.

“Soulful Places. Enriched Lives” is the philosophy underpinning the company which is set to build a new creative hub for Abu Dhabi, called the Makers District.

This aims to attract creative people to both live and work in the area. Architecture firm BIG, led by Bjarke Ingels, will be the main designers on the project which will also integrate a car parking garage .

Reem Island will be the location and The Artery will be the first constructed building. It will be a place where designers, sculptors, artists and other creative people can produce and showcase their work.

Senior development director at Imkan, Richard Lamer, said: “The Makers District will be the new heart of Abu Dhabi with creativity as its major theme. It will be a residential, hospitality and commercial development as well with the aim of creating the best work-life balance possible.”

BIG was chosen following a competition which also involved Dutch firm MVRDV and 10 Design based in Hong Kong, both of which will also be involved in the design process.

Senior development director at Imkan, Richard Lamer.

Lamer said: “A jury panel reached the decision to use BIG as the company has such a strong focus on sustainability.”

A projection on four walls in an enclosed space at this year’s Cityscape Abu Dhabi revealed some of the multi-level design, which has large amounts of open space and greenery.

A consultative process is currently underway with the developers looking to establish current trends in design in order to provide what it is people want.

360-degree immersive blackbox experience at Cityscape 2017.

“We will be looking to attract creative people from all around the world,” said Lamer. “We are targeting all sorts of ‘makers’ but especially younger people. We will be involving them in the planning stages so the development is truly responsive to the needs of those who will live and work their.”

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