Cityscape 2014 looks to sustainable growth

Cityscape 2014 looks to sustainable growth

Showing investors that Dubai is set for a period of long-term sustainable market growth is one of the objectives of this year Cityscape, which takes place at the World Trade Centre.

 Event organisers say the show will demonstrate how the design and build business and the property market have developed over recent months and point the way towards the future.

 The showcase will feature architects, developers, engineers, government officials and investors and is also a key date in the calendar for new projects to be unveiled.

 Wouter Molman, director of Cityscape Global, said: “It is very interesting to see how the Dubai market has developed over the past six months in particular, showing a more modest but realistic growth pattern following the introduction of some cooling measures by the Dubai Land Department and the UAE Central Bank.”

 He explained that the introduction of higher property transfer fees and the implementation of the new mortgage laws have had a positive impact on the market.

 Molman said: “This may be an indicator that UAE’s real estate market is becoming more mature and resilient than it was during the previous property boom in 2008. Against this backdrop, it will be interesting to see if Cityscape Global – the barometer of the real estate market – will reaffirm this pattern and fuel investor confidence in the long term sustainable growth of the market.”

 The exhibition has grown by over 25% over the 2013 exhibitor figure this year. It will cover over 31,000m2 of exhibition space across eight halls, making it the largest edition of the event since its peak in 2008.

 On an international level, several countries will be more strongly represented, including Turkey, Egypt, UK, USA and Qatar, while investment opportunities from countries including Morocco, Azerbaijan and Palestine are making their entry to the show for the first time in several years.

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