Cities Boutique comes to Dubai

Cities Boutique comes to Dubai

Known as Cities Boutique, the new interiors shop offers high-end designer pieces from international brands based around the world. From lighting fixtures to candles to furniture pieces, Cities offers a wide range of products.

Owner and founder of Cities, Hazem Aljesr, says: “Of course, there are pieces by Lebanese designer Nada Debs, from tables and other furniture to smaller items such as vases and trays. We also have amazing pieces by Spanish artist Maximo Riera and sculptures by French artist Richard Orlinski.

“Cities also tries to highlight up-and-coming regional designers, so we have items from new Lebanese designers such as Nayef Francis and Khaled El Mays. Other popular names are Ito Kish, who is from the Philippines, Rometti of Italy, French designer Serge Nichol, and Polart from the United States and Mexico. Pieces by Italian design group Abhika and items by British designer Tom Dixon will also be available soon.”

Cities’ customer base is quite varied, says Aljesr. From discerning collectors to the casual shopper, the range of items seems to please an eclectic group of people. The pieces held at the boutique are also limited edition items that were personally selected for Cities, as well as unusual objects that cannot be found elsewhere.

Cities originally hails from Riyadh, where Aljesr felt there was a lack of variety in terms of aesthetics in the market. He explains: “When I first moved to Riyadh in 2006, I was surprised by the limited variety of design and home furnishings on offer. I found that there was not much available that reflected a style that I was interested in. It was mostly just traditional and classical pieces.

“So, I really wanted to create a space that I would want to shop in. I couldn’t be the only person in Riyadh who wanted to furnish his home with contemporary and unique pieces. That was the basis for Cities: to bring a new design approach to the region, a fusion of modern and eclectic pieces and to encourage people to expand beyond the classic and traditional design styles.”

Having just opened its doors in November, Cities has already received a wealth of positive feedback from the public, which Aljesr says is sign enough that Dubai’s market has room for the new interiors boutique.

According to Aljesr, Dubai was a natural choice for expansion, as the city is open to new influences and ideas. At the moment, Cities doesn’t offer any consultancy, however Aljesr notes that if there is enough interest, it may be something that Cities would consider later on.

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