Chipperfield slams politicians but praises Mendes da Rocha

Chipperfield slams politicians but praises Mendes da Rocha

Sir David Chipperfield has launched an attack on politicians accusing them of lacking courage and vision at a time when “ideas and principles are under siege”.

Speaking at the RIBA Royal Gold Medal dinner in London said architecture has become “contaminated by cynicism”.

But Chipperfield praised the work of 2017 medal laureate Paulo Mendes da Rocha, saying the Brazilian architect has created “an architecture that emanates ideas and optimism”.

“You arrive in our country as our government and our unelected prime minister are isolating us from Europe, as our country begins to become in my opinion pessimistic and un-optimistic, and little Britain becomes littler,” said Chipperfield, said to Mendes da Rocha, who attended the dinner held in his honour.

“In our transactional world, where ideas and principles are under siege and our politicians seem to have no courage or vision, how refreshing to be reminded that even an architect can be brave and idealistic.”

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