Chipperfield slams his own “museum of horrors”

Chipperfield slams his own “museum of horrors”

British architect David Chipperfield has disowned a museum he designed over concerns that the materials and construction are not of the required standard.

Chipperfield was reportedly furious over what he considered to be low-quality floor materials used in the Museum of Culture (MUDEC) in Milan, calling it a “museum of horrors” and adding that the museum was “a pathetic end to 15 years of work.”

According to media reports, Chipperfield has demanded that his name be removed from the museum as its  floor “contained pieces that were scratched, stained and badly aligned”..

Milan council responded by saying hat the project “cost €60m [$65 million], of which €3.6m [$3.9 million] went to Chipperfield for his design and project management. …These are sums of money appropriate for a public institution and right for the importance of the project, but it was necessary to make choices based on common sense and in the interests of the taxpayers.”

The council added: “The samples and the visits to the quarry supplying the material were overseen by staff of the office of David Chipperfield Architects, who validated the choice of the material used.”

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