Chipperfield to design photography museum for Morocco

Chipperfield to design photography museum for Morocco

British David Chipperfield Architects is set to design the world’s largest free standing photography museum in Marrakech, Morocco.

The Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Art (MMPVA) will showcase a permanent collection of photographic art as well as photography from the nineteenth century to present day including an array of contemporary art exhibitions.

The completed space will feature a theatre, café, bookshop, public spaces and education facilities.

A large atrium will be used as the main attraction of the building including a rectangular pool on the ground floor with a desert plant garden surrounding the atrium on the third floor.

“With a rich program of exhibitions, education and cultural exchange the museum will be the first such institution on the African continent,” said David Chipperfield Architects. “It will broaden the artistic experience across cultural boundaries to form greater understanding and tolerance.”

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