Chinese high-rise hidden home on rocky ground

Chinese high-rise hidden home on rocky ground

A Beijing home, hidden amidst what could be the ultimate roof-garden, faces being
demolished just days after its completion.

The huge house in the middle of a rocky landscape dotted with trees – on top of a
26 storey apartment – is the latest architectural oddity to create a media stir.

But the crazy Chinese creation could be bought to a quick close as planning officials are demanding proof it was built to legal specifications.

If not they have threatened to tear the strange structure to the ground.

And those living in the flats below are less than wild about it.

Residents of the apartments in the Haidian area of the city say they are fearful the whole structure could collapse on top of their homes.

The rockery-style design – which resembles classical Chinese artwork – covers more than 1,000 square metres. The rocks themselves are believed to be imitation shells rather than solid stone. But they do have trees and bushes growing among them.

Almost hidden among the artificial landscape is the home itself – its doors windows and walls only occasionally protruding.

At least two neighbours have moved out of their flats because of the construction work, which has been going on for years, according to local reports.

Others have complained about damage to pipes and walls in their units.

“We feel this is extremely unsafe. What if the top collapses in rain and wind storms? What if our ceiling collapses?” an unnamed 26th floor resident was quoted as saying by Chinese news sources.

Local urban management officials have now told the owner the structure is illegal and issued him with an ultimatum to prove it was built with proper government permission or dismantle it within 15 days.

However why they have only taken action now – around six years after work began on the highly visible structure – remains unclear.

The high-rise householder is believed to be a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He was quoted as saying: “Since I dare to live here, I am not worried about complaints.”


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