China high speed train receives design award at Beijing festival, Dubai featured as “Guest City”

China high speed train receives design award at Beijing festival, Dubai featured as “Guest City”

China’s high-speed rail received the “Classic Design Award” at the opening ceremony of Beijing International Design Week.

The high-speed rail line and its rolling stock was top choice of the 10 nominees including Great Hall of the People, the restoration project of Qianshou Guanyin Buddhist statue among Dazu Rock Carvings,  Yanqi Lake International Convention Center, China’s manned space flight project and the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

The “Classic Design Award”, highest award at the event is given to those who’ve already implemented and used projects that exert a far-reaching influence on China’s social progress, cultural development, industry promotion and urban construction.

According to Zeng Hui, deputy director of the Beijing Design Week organising committee office, the high-speed rail got the award as it “fuses grand design with high technology”.

Dubai is featured in the event as “Guest City” at the festival with Emirati designer Moza Almatrooshi highlighting architectural parallels between its urban landscape and Beijing – especially in the way that traditional buildings fit in alongside the developing urban landscape.

Specialists and designers from more than 20 countries took part in the showcase which covers anything from furniture, products, fashion and graphics to, especially, architecture, urbanism, craft and making, A main focus of the event this year is 3D printing.

It comprises hundreds of exhibitions, pop-ups, talks and workshops spread across the capital city.

Beijing Design Week is a government initiative, run by the national Ministry of Culture and Municipal Government of Beijing.

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