Childrenswear shop designed by Caulder Moore in Abu Dhabi

The Chalhoub Group, distributors and retailers for the Middle East, has launched Katakeet – a childrenswear store on the first floor of the Abu Dhabi Mall.

The shop is aimed at children aged 0-10 years and includes brands from Burberry, Baby Dior, Rykiel Enfant, Fendi and Tartine et Chocolat.

UK agency Caulder Moore was asked to create a unique emotive experience for customers; with a brief encompassing brand, interior, graphics, packaging, illustration and online design.

‘Katakeet’, which means ‘baby chicks’ in Arabic is designed as a magical open children’s storybook, with artwork by children’s illustrator Polly Dunbar featuring key icons ‘Beau’, ‘Belle’ and ‘Bebe’.

“With Katakeet we’ve created a completely innovative concept with an interactive, multi-sensory luxury shopping experience that for the first time appeals to both parents and their children, striking at the heart of what it is to be a child to create a truly memorable experience and lasting emotive connection with the brand,” said Ian Caulder creative director, Caulder Moore.

On entering the store, children are absorbed by the magical pages of the windows where they are tempted on a journey of discovery to hunt for lost items, at the end of which they are rewarded with a special gift and sweets from a giant sweetie jar.

The journey continues in-store with the children’s style parade, where Beau follows the planes and Belle the butterflies into the enchanted wood passing the magic wardrobes, which are surrounded either side by Dunbar’s signature tree illustrations.

At the centre of the store is a tree with changeable leaves that bears gifts from its branches.

In the boys’ area a secret door displays boy’s accessories and a keyhole allows children to peer into to see a film of Beau and Belle playing.

In the girl’s area, accessories are displayed on a “mirror mirror” on the wall, and a giant interactive storybook that children can turn to see the story of Katakeet in English and Arabic.

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