Cheaper, low quality products are harming the LED market

Cheaper, low quality products are harming the LED market

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The Middle Eastern region’s recent cost conscious point of view, and cheaper quality lights have challenged the entry of LEDs in this market, according to GE Lighting.

Simon Fisher, general manager EMEA – indoor commercial LED luminaires, GE Lighting, said as a market, the lighting industry has become more cost competitive and in this region, it has become more cost conscious. Low quality products are also causing concern.

“You can’t put a number on our ability to deliver, customer service, ability to support the product if there is a failure. In some respects, we’re battling some poor quality products already in the market,” said Fisher.

“It’s a challenge to get our products into a cost conscious market anyway, but some Far Eastern or East European products that claim to do things have actually damaged the LED market in general,” he added.

Fisher said GE, as a brand, has a really good chance to challenge poor products because it doesn’t launch a product it cannot back.

“I’m focusing on lighting designers who can understand the long term benefits of LEDs. If I can convince them, they can convince their bosses.

“We’ll get there, and I believe GE’s value proposition with this is a really strong one.”

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