Central Bank of Azerbaijan by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU is underway

Central Bank of Azerbaijan by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU is underway

Austrian architecture studio Coop Himmelb(l)au has won the competition to design the Central Bank of Azerbaijan headquarters, which is now under construction.

Working together with Aecom who is in charge of project and cost management, the high rise development will comprise of two 32 and 28 floor towers that are interconnected by a glass atrium.

Once completed, the structure will stand 141m tall with 90,000m2 of accommodation space.

The polygonal geometry of the building creates a sculptural twist which allows for differentiation between office spaces and views as well as allowing the dynamic shaping of the atrium space between the tower slabs to act as a communication forum with informal meeting spaces and short connections between the two towers.

The building will optimise full benefits of sustainable energy including solar gain, passive sun protection and natural ventilation for heating and cooling.

The atrium is designed as a “vertical city” with “numerous interchange platforms inscribed between the towers to create ‘urban spaces’ within the atrium”, the architects described.

It is then “divided in several sections like city quarters. “Short circuit” stairs and ramps connect like streets the various office floors across the atrium. In addition to these horizontal elements, the atrium contains vertically connected hanging gardens and a daylight reflecting cone, bringing light and green parks into the Vertical City. This new typology fosters a dynamic internal communication culture within the large structure”.

Above ground facilities will include office spaces for 750 bank employees along with conference and training facilities, a sports area, museum and a restaurant. Below ground will be used for parking and technical plants.






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