Cayan Group’s high-end project in Riyadh breaks ground

Cayan Group’s high-end project in Riyadh breaks ground

Saudi Arabia

Cayan Group has announced the commencement of the breaking ground phase of its most recent project, CMC in Saudi Arabia.

Formerly launched as CM1, CMC is a sohphisticated business centre located on King Fahed Road in Riyadh. The project has been undertaken in collaboration with Mefic Capital, Saudi Arabia-based financial services company.

Officially unveiled at Cayan Group’s grand launch party in April this year, CMC’s breaking ground phase has now begun. Commenting on CMC, Ahmed Alhatti, President and Chairman of Cayan Group, said:

“CMC is strategically located on the King Fahd Road in Riyadh and is a perfect model of a multi-use integrated commercial complex, which includes luxury offices and distinctive facilities such as a screen and a high tech fitness center among others. CMC will be the new headquarters of both Mefic Capital and Cayan Group.”

Founded in 2004, Cayan Group’s portfolio includes a number of projects such as the Silverene Towers, Cayan Cantara, The Jewels, Dorrabay, Cayan Tower and Cayan Business Center in the UAE. The Group’s prestigious real estate project, Cayan Tower, officially declared by the Guinness World Records in 2015 as the globe’s tallest twisted tower standing at 307 meters high, has become one of the most important architectural landmarks in the Gulf region.

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