Carpet series by Dutch designer Noortje van Eekelen

Carpet series by Dutch designer Noortje van Eekelen

The beautiful collection of carpets of Dutch Designer Noortje van Eekelen emphasises the increasing importance of design that invites debate and reflection. Her carpet series Dazzling Dialogues is inspired by the use of emoji and their major role in our day to day communication thru technology.

The design is realised in six different carpets (200 x 300 cm) and broadlooms, which contain the full set of characters.

“Emoji enrich our personal conversations, while at the same time creating an influential generalisation of our versatile vocabulary”, according to Noortje van Eekelen.

The selection of contemporary icons in her work is consistent with the confidence that there is a growing demand for approaches in design that engage social issues.

Home Is Where The Wifi Is

Also available is the design Home Is Where The Wifi Is, a decorative broadloom constructed from WiFi Icons and inspired by the way in which internet access governs our daily life.

“The repeated desire for WiFi is so entangled with our emotions that we feel uncomfortable as soon as we are unconnected”, feels Noortje van Eekelen.

The particularly attractive designs were realised by Noortje van Eekelen at the invitation of Moooi and are parts of the Signature Collection. Recently the collection was introduced at the Salone Del Mobile in  Milano. The carpets and broadlooms Dazzling Dialogues and Home is Where The WiFi Is of Noortje van Eekelen can be ordered thru Moooi Carpets.


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