Being carbon-neutral is unrealistic, says expert

Being carbon-neutral is unrealistic, says expert

Carbon neutral, DESSO

In spite of many companies hoping to be carbon-neutral in the near future, cradle-to-cradle carpet manufacturer, Desso, thinks this is not possible.

Andrew Sibley, sales and marketing director – emerging markets, Desso said while many companies such as Nike, Steelcase and Phillips are working on cradle-to-cradle manufacturing, it is incorrect to say it can ever be carbon neutral.

“What we find frustrating is companies saying we want to be carbon neutral by so-and-so date. That’s not possible, because when we breathe we produce carbon, so we can never really be carbon neutral. It’s just a nice thing to say,” said Sibley.

Julian Richardson, cradle-to-cradle adviser, Desso , agreed with Sibley and said carbon is actually a good product.

“Carbon is good and CO2 is good. There’s nothing wrong with airplanes, there’s nothing wrong with cars, but their designs mean carbon is actually being wasted,” said Richardson.

Richardson said dust and interior air quality in buildings is very important as human beings were never designed to be put into boxes. “It’s actually more healthy to be outside in Istanbul breathing the smog than being inside an office,” he added.

Good design starts with intention, according to Richardson, and designers need to design the perfect product and then work backwards to create it.

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