Canadian retail store applies urban design

Designed by +tongtong, a multidisciplinary design studio, the Toronto-based fashion retail boutique Annie Aime has applied a street-inspired look, giving customers an urban experience upon entering the shop.

The bold interior design includes +tongtong’s freestanding clothing racks “Les Ailes Noires”, vibrant colours splattered throughout, an ascending sequence of brick display units, and floor-to-ceiling brick and wood shelving.

The freestanding clothing racks are geometric and made from welded steel, and with no fasteners required, they can be moved about the store quite easily.

The brick display units that run up the middle of the layout add a nice earthy touch to the store, and are complimented by the wood and brick shelving that span from the ceiling to the floor in the back area.

Additionally, the design studio worked with Pascal Paquette to give the store a colourful graffiti treatment. The paint appears to seep and drip from the walls down to the floors and even onto the racks, boasting elements of spontaneity and energy.


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