‘Ripped book’ library design unveiled for Helsinki

‘Ripped book’ library design unveiled for Helsinki

California-based firm Dinkoff Architects has revealed its design for the central library in Helsinki, Finland.

Horizontal stripes, exposed on the facades, evoke running text that updates the viewer on current ‘intellectual’ events.

The entrances to the building are on the east and west sides where an imaginary ‘binding’ allows the ‘pages’ to be flipped north and south.

The upper pages on the north side are ‘ripped’ along their lines of text from their edges to the binding, spilling apart to form a gap which reveals a garden that faces the bay and passing vessels.

Meanwhile the northeast side of the roof supports solar panels which generate electricity for the building, intended for self-sufficiency and no dependence on the city’s power grid.

Bibliocentrum is envisaged to be an attractive tourist destination and an icon for Helsinki, not only as Helsinki’s central library, but as an anchor and unifier for its surroundings including parliament, the Helsinki Music Centre, the Finland Opera House, the Kiasma Museum, Sanoma House, and the central railway station.

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