Cabins created for Fallingwater design study site

Cabins created for Fallingwater design study site

Students working on architecture and design projects at an institute run by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home can now reside in a series of dwellings built by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

The cabins are located on a historic farm, called High Meadow, which sits adjacent to the 1930s residence in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

The farm serves as the home base for the Fallingwater Institute’s summer residency programs in architecture, art and design.

The shelters – which enable the institute to accommodate more students – are an extension to a cabin dating to the 1960s. Until now, sleeping accommodation had been limited to the four-bedroom cabin.

“After exploring a variety of design options over several years, a decision was made to enlarge the footprint of the existing house, doubling the property’s capacity with four new dwellings,” explained Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, a Pennsylvania architecture firm.

The new wooden abodes are raised off the ground by a network of steel columns, which result in minimal disturbance to the land.

Each cabin contains two twin beds, a desk, a closet and a bathroom. Large windows provide framed views of the surrounding terrain.

“Materials and finishes are deliberately minimalistic and durable, lending a sparse elegance to the space,” the team said.

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