Buildings at Climate Conference in Morocco can be dismantled and rebuilt

Buildings at Climate Conference in Morocco can be dismantled and rebuilt

Paris and Casablanca-based architects Oualalou + Choi in collaboration with French architect Stéphane Malka have designed a series of temporary structures at the COP22 Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Using traditional construction techniques, the designs respond to the country’s architecture and climate.

Image by Laurent Clement.

The buildings will be reused after the conference and distributed to local associations as a message of sustainability promoted at the event.

One of the installations, entitled Ark22 (The Gateway), is made of identical wood elements without using any trimming or architectural sliding, sourced from local forests. The stacked timber modules have dual functions: concealing the interior and protecting it from the hot sun. Conceived as a “pointillist composition” measures 12 metres in height and 50 metres in length.

Image by Luc Boegly.

The installation’s construction method allows visitors to view its various appearances depending on where it is viewed from.

A translucent and waterproof tented structure covers 12,000 square meters of space.

A large arch has been cut out of the centre of the structure’s main façade which creates a dramatic opening, consisting of a layered composition of elevations.

Image by Laurent Clement.

The installation will be completely dismantled after the summit and rebuilt within the city.

Another structure at the conference is made up of two symmetrical restaurants, created in the rural vernacular tradition. The Agore22 consists of multiple patios, verandas and skylights, which can be used for meetings.

It is also constructed using sustainably sourced materials and can be easily disassembled due to the predominant use of OSB.

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