Brazilian stone comes to the UAE

Brazilian stone comes to the UAE

UAE: Arteco, one of the GCC’s leading suppliers of high quality interior products has launched a new range of products made of crystal quartz and quartzite.

According to Arteco, the construction industry in the GCC has entered another boom, with recent estimates valuing it at USD 41bn. With the construction sector on the rise, we can expect a spill over of effects, with this leading to a boom in the interiors industry.

Mohamed El Shamy, director of Arteco Ceramics, said: “As the construction industry enters another growth period, the demand for quality building materials is also increasing.

“Another advantage for the growth of crystal quartz in the market is that the use of these materials is diversifying as entities and individuals look to enhance interior decor through wall applications and furniture in addition to the more traditional use of these materials in flooring.”

The latest collection speaks to the sudden demand in the market and focuses on quartz and quartzite. As the exclusive supplier of the semiprecious natural stone, Arteco has a range of special colours sourced explicitly from Brazil.

“Quartz and quartzite are dynamic materials—you can do a lot with them. The most obvious application for them is for walls and counter tops,” said El Shamy.

He added: “Unlike some other natural stones, they have a unique ability to resist scratching and staining. There is also a zero absorption element with this material, which means they’re perfect for use as flooring.”

From backlighting to furniture installations, the new semi-precious stones in Artceo’s latest collection can feed a number of different styles, tastes and visions. According to El Shamy, backlit quartz reflects light beautifully, creating an effect that is stunning.

“I’ve actually seen a backlit sofa made out of white crystal quartz,” he said. “That was really eye-catching. Quartz and quartzite come in a range of colours from earthy browns to botanical greens, to blues and brilliant whites.”

Sourced exclusively from Brazil, the new materials are sliced right out of a moutain side. As the world’s main source for the natural stone, Brazil was an obvious choice for Arteco’s supplier of quartz and quartzite.

According to El Shamy, quartz and quartzite are similar to Onyx. He said: “Onyx is very widely used across the UAE. Like quartz, it’s very beautiful, so its appeal is obvious. An essential difference is that it stains easily and is fragile. Quartz does not stain at all, comes in a wide range of colours, is stunning when backlit and is the hardest natural stone after diamond.”

While the other products in Arteco’s showroom are manmade, the new collection is entirely natural and allows a variety of options for the creative types. From hotels to offices, quartz and quartzite allow for new designs to take place across the region.

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