Book details work of Tabanlioglu architects

Book details work of Tabanlioglu architects

Transparency and Modernity is the title of a book which has been published by architect company Tabanlioglu,  currently taking part in this year’s Cityscape.

 The work looks at projects in the firm’s home nation of Turkey as well as outlining its philosophy when it comes to design.

 It emphasises a commitment to regeneration and sustainability and includes projects in Istanbul which the book calls “the [former] capital of three empires, symbolising interaction, transformation and development”

 Among the projects highlighted are the mix-use Istanbul Sapphire high-rise, the Kanyon development which emphasises interaction between residents and urban transformation schemes.

 The book also explores the company’s work in Africa.

 Melkan Tabanlioglu said the Cityscape event was an ideal opportunity to showcase the company’s work.

 “Here in Dubai I feel people share similar characteristics with those in Turkey – which is after all a meeting point between east and west,” she said. “Cityscape this year is three times better than last year – maybe 10 times better than in the years before that.”

 Tabanlioglu is currently involved in developments along the Dubai seafront and a museum in Qatar.

 “We are particularly interested in looking at the culture of a particular place,” said Melkan Tabanlioglu. “Exploring history and heritage can add to the richness of a region.”

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