Lebanese designer’s new collection inspired by nomads

Lebanese design company Bokja recently launched the colourful new furniture collection entitled “Migration Series”, inspired by nomadic existence.

It features a collection of pieces that embody transient lifestyles, with the pieces displaying an array of items packed up to represent those who are always on the move.

Bokja designed a number of pieces for the collection including rugs, wallpaper, artworks and sofas. Each element is an ode to displacement and presents a number of ways to bundle up personal belongings.

The Migration Sofa exemplifies the “living on the run” concept with exposed rolled up rugs and bedding on its back, and a drawer at the base to evoke a packed suitcase.

Additionally, the Migration Sofa was designed with a “Second Skin,” a special cover which complements the sofa’s display.

The illustrated birds found on Bokja’s latest pieces further cement their conceptual underpinnings and represent the species’ annual global migration.

In addition to the Migration Sofa, the series also includes “Migration Stories”, an assortment of accessories such as wallpaper, which was created alongside The Studio of Deborah Bowness, and a rug, handmade by Tibetan weavers.

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