Bohemian-styled concept store opens in Dubai

Bohemian-styled concept store opens in Dubai

Comptoir 102, Dubai

Comptoir 102 is a “bohemian chic” concept store which opened three months ago in one of Jumeirah Beach Road’s many homey villas. It was created by Dubai-based Parisians Emmanuelle Sawko and Alexandra de Mountaudouin.

The concept store combines a retail  space as well as a coffee house with an outside terrace and courtyard area.

“When you come here you don’t feel like you are shopping or that you’re in a retail space; you feel like you are at home and that is why people feel so comfortable here,” Sawko said.

One of the duo’s motivations for opening the store was the vibrant change in Dubai’s culture scene.

“We felt that the market was ready for a style that was a bit different and this was really our bid, to say, ‘OK, now, let’s fill this gap that people are looking for here.’ And all our customers and people that pass by, say, ‘finally, Dubai has a place like this.’ And that is exactly what we wanted to do,” added Sawko.

The space consists of a very subtle and urban feel with plain concrete flooring, untreated wood for the interiors, and black steel-framed windows that lets in a lot of natural lighting.

“For us, this place is very personal,” Sawko said.

“We’ve put our all into it, all our personality.”

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