Blue Camel Design creates family playspace

Reem Farah, founder, Apple Seeds Dubai partnered with Patrick Daniel of Blue Camel Design to open an indoor family play space, in Dubai.

The design was based on a New York museum and entertainment venue experience with child size foldable Pantone chairs from Seletti and Magis. The cafe is decorated with La Corbeille tables designed by a selection of French designers, Magis high stools and chairs, and Fermob couches.

“Most parents will appreciate Apple Seeds refreshing design, the level of detail and the thought behind every single item placed around Apple Seeds. If it wasn’t good enough to go in my house, then it wasn’t good enough for the venue,” said Farah.

“What’s more, children visiting our play space will enjoy the best of furniture design made just for them.”

The 2,000 square foot New York concept indoor playground is designed to foster a child’s development from infancy to five years old. The space, a modern version of the Big Apple, has whimsical replicas of a sky scraper, brownstone apartment buildings, a taxi cab and deli. The playground is divided into three neighbourhoods; construction city, the neighbourhood and the park.

”The family play space offers Dubai’s parents a change of scenery, a chance to see some friendly adult faces and a space where kids can learn, run around and play with others,” said Natalie Obayda, director operations, Apple Seeds.


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