Black is back

The colour black is making a massive comeback in the interior design industry right now and not just in accents but in furniture, fabrics, curtains, floors, and all four walls in a room.

According to AG Beat – Real Estate News Magazine, the surprising part about black is that it has become a very classic and feminine colour.

The website says black walls is the trickiest of trends because in most cases, it can be horridly executed and make a room look like a torture dungeon.

“If black is to be used, we recommend a dark charcoal grey rather than stark black, and the more high quality the paint, the better,” said AG Beat.

“We’re seeing more matte finishes in black walls and gloss should only be used in very specific situations like high rises or rooms filled with windows. Lastly, if a room doesn’t have great natural light or amazing canned lighting, black won’t work, period.”

The website highlights the work of Toronto interior designer Jane Hall who uses black in every single room of her house.

To contrast the dark colours, she mixes it with pops of pink, multiple fabrics on the furniture and a collection of mis-matched pillows.

What do you think of using black in interior decorating? Would it work in your clients’ commercial premises?

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