Bjarke Ingels UK Serpentine Gallery opens to public this week

Bjarke Ingels UK Serpentine Gallery opens to public this week

The Serpentine Gallery  in London has unveiled its summer 2016 pavilion designed by BIG founder Bjarke Ingels which opens to the public on Friday (June 10).

The Danish architect formed the structure out of fibreglass blocks, stacking them in such a way that it the entire pavilion constantly morphs though shapes as visitors move around it.

“I think we tried to make a structure, that in an effortless way, combines a lot of differences,” said Ingels.

Photography by Daniel Leal-Olivas

“So it’s a wall that becomes a hall inside, it’s a gate to the Serpentine Gallery, but it also creates a space for events. In one direction its all orthogonal and all transparent, but when you look through the other side it’s all opaque and translucent and has this curvilinear face.”

Ingels also added that the structure was partly influenced by a fibreglass shelving structure he’s currently working on, although it’s also a tribute to his hero – Danish architect Jørn Utzon, designer of the Sydney Opera House.

Visitors will be able to climb the exterior up to a certain point and can travel through the middle along a wooden floor until they reach the cafe/event space which will host a programme of music, film, dance, and literature during the summer.

The Serpentine Gallery 2016 Pavilion will remain on display until 9 October, 2016.

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