Bird in flight inspires Olympic design

Bird in flight inspires Olympic design

UK-based design studio Weston Williamson has been chosen to design the Brasilia Athletics Stadium for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with a concept inspired by a bird in flight.

The exterior is made up of a series of feather-like structures which move with the breeze and appear to shift in different angles of sunlight.

The stadium will be rest on a wooden plinth situated in a cluster of water pools, the edges of which are dotted with green trees. Underneath this plinth will be shaded areas bathed in light. Renderings also show a waterside pavilion in the shape of a crescent moon.

Weston Williamson’s design statement reads: “The stadium references the icono­graphic plan for Brasilia that repre­sents a bird in flight, by incorporat­ing massive feather like structures that envelop the interior. The movable envelope also acts ceremoniously, reaching up­wards to the sky when an event is about to
unfold, adding another lay­er of visual spectacle to the games.”

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