BIM shows a maturing design industry

BIM shows a maturing design industry

Usage of BIM needs to move beyond the design team into the wide construction industry, according to Rob Phillpot of Aconex.

 Speaking at the second BIM Breakfast held in Dubai – where experts gathered to evaluate and analyse the latest in the technology available to architects and construction specialists – he said greater use should be made of project data.

 “The future is about data, not files,” he said. “Information on construction, inspections and such things as safety need to be made available to everyone involved in a project. It needs to be accessible to all.

 “One of the largest benefits can be handing over a rich source of inter-related information to the client.

 “Files can be tightly held by the design team, but they need to open up the data.”

 Phillpot said the BIM technology gives accurate information on the whole history of a project – even down to extremely specific details.

 “Walking through a model you can check a pump, for instance. You can see its warranty. You can fully understand not just what it is, but how it got to be what it is.”

 The advantages of BIM and its storing of data was bought home to Phillpot recently.

 “I was in Doha,” he said. “there was a project I was made aware of which had three shipping containers of documents by its end. How can you ever find anything you need amidst all that paper?”

 Phillpot praised the UK for its lead-taking on BIM. He said: “The government did this in a good and thoughtful way, saying there are four stages which need to implemented, not everything at one. I feel it needed the clout of something like the British government to push BIM forward. We can see Singapore, Hong Kong and the Dubai Municipality following suit.”

 Speaking about the event he added: “This shows people are thirsting for the guts of what BIM is about. It shows the reality behind the shine. We in the business are growing up now and maturing as an industry.”


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