BIG to turn Swiss warehouse into arts centre

BIG to turn Swiss warehouse into arts centre

Danish firm BIG has won a competition to transform a 1960s concrete warehouse in a Basel, Switzerland, into an alternative arts district.

Located in Basel’s upcoming Dreispitz neighborhood, the existing 18,000 m2 ‘Transitlager’ will be renovated and extended by up to 7,000m2 for residential and arts functions.

The project is being developed by Basel-based real estate group Nüesch Development for the Christoph Merian Foundation with the assistance of the UBS investment company Balintra AG.

Andreas Klok Pedersen, partner, BIG, said: “We propose a transformation of the Transitlager that builds on the industrial logic of the existing building and of the surrounding area. The extension doubles the size of the Transitlager and becomes an opposite twin – based on the same structure, but with a different geometry.”

He added: “The combined building becomes a spectrum of optimal conditions, from open and flexible plans to tailor-made units, public programmes to private residences, vibrant urban space to peaceful green gardens.”

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