BIG proposes design for Netherlands cultural centre

BIG proposes design for Netherlands cultural centre

Danish architecture firm BIG has proposed a scheme to design a new house an existing art museum and film theatre on a waterfront site in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Competing to design the “ArtA” cultural centre, the architects teamed up with Amsterdam-based Allard Architecture to design a concept that merges the two facilities by constructing “a simple building volume of two poles: the film theatre facing the city and the art museum facing the river.”

“Combining a contemporary exhibition facility with a film theater in a vibrant public building is paradoxical challenge,” the architects explained. “ArtA fuses the two traditional architectural archetypes, the Black Box and the White Cube, and creates a gradient of transitional spatial conditions that lends itself to new hybrid programs of art and performance.

“A simple twist of the building volume generates a diagonal public art plaza that connects the ground floor with the roof top. The Art Plaza creates encounters between the various users of the building – blurring the boundaries between art, public life, education and recreation. The building becomes a unique offspring – at once organic and rational, transparent and solid, unique and flexible, extrovert and introvert.”

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