Benoy releases 2016 financial report

Benoy releases 2016 financial report

Benoy, Financial report

Benoy has announced that its global studios have posted a strong set of financial results for the year 2016, with a turnover of £48.2m (up from £48m in 2015), delivering a profit before tax and bonus of £8.2m.

“There is no doubt 2016 was a year which brought uncertainty to many markets,” a statement released by the firm said. “Operating on a global scale, Benoy was exposed to the changing and indeed challenging market conditions of the world’s economies, but the company’s positive financial performance is a real demonstration of its achievements of the past 12 months.”

Marking it’s 70th year of operation, 2017 looks to be a secure year for the international architecture firm and will follow the leadership of the company’s newly appointed CEO Tom Cartledge. The company also saw four senior appointments made throughout 2016.

A new global IT platform was introduced, as well, to improve the efficiencies across Benoy’s financial and project management systems.

“I am delighted to report that 2016 was a very positive year for Benoy,” Cartledge said. “12 months of strategic and targeted investment brought a new strength to the company. Confident and forward-thinking leadership was complemented by a tangible creative energy; this combination has proved to be a compelling proposition for colleagues and clients.”

Benoy recently opened a regional office in Dubai. Read about it here.

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