Benjamin Hubert reveals self-fastening watch strap for Apple

Benjamin Hubert reveals self-fastening watch strap for Apple

DesignMENA keynote speaker Benjamin Hubert has created a self-gripping injection-moulded Apple Watch strap, which has no need for buckles.

The LABB strap, short for loop-less and buckle-less band, was designed by Hubert’s studio Layer, for Swiss start-up company Noomoon.

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 It is intended to be used with the Apple Watch Series Two that was released earlier this year.

Made from a rubber material named fluoroelastomer, the strap is patterned with a series of corresponding holes and protrusions that grip along the entire surface to join it together.

These fastening elements are designed to securely lock together while also being easy to detach and remove.

“When approached by Noomoon to design a strap for the new generation of smartwatches, we decided to focus on finding an innovative and fun fixing method,” said Hubert.

“The result is the LABB, a stylistically new and functionally intelligent self-gripping strap that is inspired by the fast-moving lives we lead, yet surpasses trends to become timeless.”

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