Beirut’s The Cube high-rise is new city landmark

Beirut’s The Cube high-rise is new city landmark

Construction work has completed at Beirut’s The Cube – a series of villas stacked on top of one another offering views across the city and out to sea..

The residential tower, which was designed by Orange Architects on behalf of Lebanese development corporation, Masharii, is located in the Sin el Fil district of Lebanon’s capital city.

Rather than incorporating an extrusion of a singular floor plan, the 50m-tall structure features a series of stacked individual villas all at slight angles to one another to give different views.

The rotation of the volumes on each level offers residents outdoor areas on the roof of the apartment below, as well as panoramic windows with widths of up to 12m.

The architects said: “With its freestanding setting on the edge of the city both the view on the Cube itself and on central Beirut are unseen; the vibrant City is your personal wallpaper, day and night.

‘The Cube is an instant classic for Beirut, expressive, iconic and innovative.’

Orange Architects’ design includes 14 stacked and rotated floor plans, which comprise a total of 19 apartments ranging in size from 117m2 234m2.

A fixed core with lifts and staircases at the heart of the building, means there are no constraints on the layout of the apartments.

The floors run straight from the core to the facades, which are on each floor composed of two supporting concrete girders and two panoramic window frames, rotated 90 degrees per level. Both the crossing girders and the core serve to stabilise the tower, which the design team said was an “extra challenging task” in a seismologically active area.

In addition to its residential units, The Cube features a three-layer parking garage which is partly set into an adjacent hill.

Orange Architects worked alongside main contractor K Abboud during the design and build of The Cube. Work on the development began in May 2011.

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