First Beirut Design Week to focus on local design

The first Beirut Design Week has been organised by the MENA Design Research Centre, to focus on the growing Lebanese design scene.

The event will bring together architects, designers, and artists, who will display their work and participate in a variety of workshops and conferences, in a city-wide festival.

Some designers and design firms will also be opening their workshops and showrooms to the public to increase awareness about what exactly they do.

The theme for this year’s event includes: design and community, design and education, and, design and business.

Doreen Toutikian from the MENA Design Research Centre, said: “It is about time that Beirut had its own Design Week. This cosmopolitan city has been constantly redefining its design cultural and exhibiting to the rest of the world some of its most unique creations.”

“Between 25 and 30 June, we will be witnessing the first Beirut Design Week by connecting the dots throughout the city and exploring the work of all the designers and architects that have been drawing, moulding and sewing Beirut’s contemporary identity through design.”

The event will take place during June 25-30, 2012, and the headquarters is at the Ministry of Tourism in Hamra, where the main exhibition DESMEEM will be held.

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