Beaux-Arts-styled Four Seasons Hotel opens in Baku

Beaux-Arts-styled Four Seasons Hotel opens in Baku

The new Four Seasons Hotel, designed by hotel architects ReardonSmith, has opened in Baku, Azerbaijan, referencing the French Beaux-Arts style of the 19th century.

Located near the president’s office, the hotel befits the surrounding architecture of the city.

“The external appearance of the building was as much influenced by its internal requirements as by the desire to create a certain style of façade. So, while this happens to be a quite traditional building envelope, we very much observed the mantra of ‘form follows function,’” commented Conrad Smith, managing director, ReardonSmith Architects.

He continued: “That said, we carefully researched the Beaux-Arts period to make sure that the detailing is authentic and, in this way, to avoid pastiche.”

Classically detailed bronze door and window frames as well as iron railings and balustrade to the guestroom balconies embody the decorative charm of the Beaux-Arts movement.

There is a total of 175 guestrooms and suites with a space at the centre of the seven guest floors within which ReardonSmith designed a stunning “Roman basilica” soaring to a height of 12 metres under a vaulted ceiling, housing a large swimming pool.

The architecture firm has also designed the JW Marriott in Baku, demonstrating the ability to work within different architectural styles.

Smith said: “What our buildings have in common is a simple and efficient form that means front and back-of-house are seamlessly integrated and they function effectively.”

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