BBR Design completes its first design and fit out in the Burj Khalifa

BBR Design completes its first design and fit out in the Burj Khalifa

BBR Design, Burj Khalifa, Design director, Elaine Monfero

BBR Design is celebrating after completing its first commercial design and fit out for a private client in the Burj Khalifa.

The Australian company has 10 offices worldwide and has been in Dubai for four years.

“This represents progress and a forward movement in an industry which has been slow for some time and of course it’s something that we as a medium sized business are very proud of,” a spokesman for BBR Design said.

“We were selected over various interior design companies, including the company which was charged with all other fit outs within the Burj Khalifa.”

BBR Design was chosen from a selection of interior design companies at the initial stage, and fit out work commenced immediately led by Elaine Monfero, design director.

“The budget for this project was impressively high, commanding the world’s finest materials,” the spokesman added.

“The project was different due to the remarkable level of input from the owner, who had pre-selected specific resources from around the globe, originally viewed in hotels, airports and the like.

“Some materials were complicated to work with due to weight restrictions. The floor-plate generated many challenges, including how to create fluid movement and utilise each space in the most functional and practical way, whilst still providing the strongest elements of design.”

Due to the shape of the building, the team was creatively challenged and it had to meet specific IT installations with smart panels in each room, split screen TVs, mirror screens and intelligent glass (clear glass which frosts at the touch of a button).

The project also faced a number of logistical difficulties because it was on the 139th floor of the world’s tallest tower and access and security had to be considered at all times.


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