Bakirkure Architects designs an office building in Algeria

Bakirkure Architects designs an office building in Algeria

Tosyalı Holding company headquarters building in Algeria, designed by Bakirkure Architects, is aimed to have a modern architectural identity without losing its harmony with the cultural context of the location it is settled.

Algeria, which was under the domination of Ottoman Empire between 16th and 19th century and of France in the 19th century, has an eclectic urban texture formed by these different cultural effects.

While the traces of Ottoman period faded away to a great extent in time, buildings carrying the traces of Ottoman architecture with their courts, pavilions, cloisters and semi-open spaces continue their existence in some parts of the city.

Owing to both its being a type of spatial installation imprinted on the memories of the residents and its climatic characteristics, that sense of yard-type structuring, which is very common in the local architecture of the region, has been embraced as the key considerations in the design of Tosyalı Holding company headquarters conceptualised by Bakirkure Architects in Oran, Algeria.

An alive identity has been enabled by creating an inner world with the help of an inner court, landscaping and water elements inside the building which is situated in a massive factory field and has an environment not suitable for providing architectural connections.

Woodworkings are highlighted as structural elements both dynamising the structure and having a shading function.

Instead of clunky and garish materials, the mass integrity of the construction is generated by materials which will emphasise the simplicity.

The construction process of Tosyalı Holding Company Headquarters, which will be providing a working space for  a 150-member team with its offices and socialisation areas in a 4.500 m2 construction field in total, is planned to be completed in spring 2017.



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