Palestinian woman launches Middle East online designer store

Palestinian woman launches Middle East online designer store

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A former wedding planner who is Palestinian and lives in Bahrain has set up an online shop for independent designers to showcase and sell their work.

Boxed will carry a one of a kind modern collection that no other store in the Middle East has.

Every item is carefully selected and will include everything from furniture to wall decor, rugs, lighting, kitchen accessories and table tops.

The website will also promote emerging designers and artisans in developing countries and offer them free retail space to sell their merchandise.

“Back in 2008, while I was working as a wedding planner at a renowned events company in Dubai, UAE, I was always on the hunt to find a one stop shop for modern and custom-made products. Unfortunately that wish never came true even in the glamorous city of Dubai,” said Sarah Saleh founder, Boxed.

“When I moved to live in Bahrain, and being away from the ever busy city of Dubai, I had the time to come up with this exciting store concept and bring together many designers under one roof. And, as I kept going, I sensed the enthusiasm of the designers and the need for such a platform.

“‘Boxed’ now is on a mission to support independent designers from around the globe, and offers a hand to all artisans working in developing countries to help sustain their livelihoods and increase their earnings

“We love what we started and hope to grow gradually in this field.”

Saleh is also a member of the Malja Artists Directory. Malja is a creative community workspace in Bahrain. It allows young artists from various creative disciplines to engage in an environment that nurtures creative work.

It is a place to connect, collaborate and exchange ideas; converting those interactions subsidises work spaces.

If you are a young independent artist living in Bahrain, keep an eye on their events website and Facebook page on

For more information about Boxed, visit or email or call +973 (17) 697-582


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