Autodesk unveils interactive visualisation service

Autodesk unveils interactive visualisation service

Autodesk announced the launch of Autodesk LIVE, a new interactive visualisation service.

The service will offer Revit users in the architecture, engineering and construction industries (AEC) the ability to transform their designs into fully-interactive 3D models.

Previously known as “Project Expo,” the Autodesk LIVE experience draws viewers into the architectural design. With one click in Revit, Autodesk LIVE seamlessly and invisibly converts a project visualisation into an interactive model in the cloud.

Architects, engineers and construction professionals may customise and share the experience with clients to explore on their own, enhancing communication of a digital design before a project ever breaks ground.

“While a picture may say a thousand words, Autodesk believes that an immersive experience says everything,” said Amar Hanspal, senior vice president, Autodesk.

“LIVE is a perfect example of how film and game development is influencing client expectations in the AECworld. With such simplicity, clients can do more than just see what a space looks like, they can better know what it feels like. Autodesk LIVE may forever change the way AECprofessionals communicate with their clients.”

With the addition of LIVE, Autodesk now offers a full spectrum of visualisation tools for AEC professionals of all levels of tech experience seeking to up their game.

With Autodesk LIVE, architects, engineering and construction design professionals can prepare Autodesk Revit models for real-time exploration in just a few minutes; integrate Revit models with an environment terrain template to more quickly add scale and context around any building; and convert rich photorealistic content (RPC), people models and vegetation models to real-time 3D models so the world looks alive.

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