Autoban designs international terminal for Baku airport

Autoban designs international terminal for Baku airport

International terminal at Heydar Aliyev airport by Autoban


Turkish architecture studio Autoban has designed the international terminal at Azerbaijan’s Heydar Aliyev Airport in the country’s capital of Baku.

The international terminal is now marked by large wooden cocoon-like structures that span across all the passenger areas inside the triangular building.

“The main idea was to make it different from other airports,” Autoban cofounder Seyhan Ozdemir says.

“While traveling has become a huge part of our lives, we believe as designers it’s our goal to make it as enjoyable as possible for the public by changing the fundamentals of such transportation hubs.”

Clad in diamond-shaped solid ayous wood shingles that are covered with oak veneer, the wooden hubs contain cafes, bars and shopping areas.

Ozdemir adds: “We adopted the architectural structure of the terminal and played with micro-architecture within the cavernous space to bring it down to a more human scale, so that it felt like a nest.”


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